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Living Wanders is a holistic pathway in tune with nature, inspired by ancient wisdom and led by higher consciousness

Heal yourself Be the light Change the world

It starts with you

Imagine how it would feel to learn to embrace life like an adventure—with courage, creativity, curiosity, and compassion. Deeply rooted in who you are, tuned into your inner voice and guided by your powerful, heartfelt intentions. With a range of support, tools and experiences on offer, you can. Not sure where to start?

Master the art of living authentically in harmony with yourself, others, and the planet.

The world as we know it is changing. The ways we care, create, communicate and connect – to ourselves, each other, Earth and the Universe itself – are also changing.

How this looks will be different to each of us. The question is, how will you embrace these changes in your own unique way?

Living Wanders was created to help you answer this question.

As you become more in tune with yourself, more becomes available to you. The ability to access new ways of thinking, being, healing and connecting, while remaining authentically connected to ourselves, will become the currency of the future.

Whether through Holistic Healing, Mindful Journeys, Earth Meditations or Learning & Community, Living Wanders welcomes you as you are. Encouraging your growth, transformation and exploration of life’s endless adventures.

meet your guide

Hi, I'm Tijen 👋

Living Wanders is my labour of love and wisdom gathered from almost two decades of turning my pain into power through self-healing, personal mastery and worldwide adventures...

My journey has taught me how coming home to myself and the Earth was the key to uplifting the world around me. I’m passionate about being my authentic self as a permission slip for you to do the same. Championing your right to choose your own adventure.

Over the past decade, I’ve wandered around the world solo across 5 continents. Adventuring, healing, building relationships, gathering ancient wisdom and training in various holistic modalities. Prior to this since 2007, I’ve worked with the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach children, adults and families, supporting them with a range of tools, practices and psychosocial interventions.

My specialty is mapping unchartered territory and I’m skilled in guiding you through your own.

let your journey unfold

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."

- Anais Nin


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