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Welcome to our policies page! Here, you will find all the information you need to know about our website and service policies. We have organized this section using subheadings to make it easier for you to navigate through the content. You are our top priority, which is why our website policies are designed to protect your data, ensure your privacy, and give you a secure browsing experience. You’ll find details about our terms of use, cookies, and how we handle intellectual property rights.

Additionally, our service policies explain everything you need to know about our products/services and how we aim to support you. We believe in keeping things transparent, so please take your time to explore these sections and understand how we are committed to providing you with a safe and satisfying experience. If you have any questions, please email

Service Policies


All treatments are complementary holistic therapies. Safe to use alongside traditional western medicines and prescriptions. All sessions are trauma-informed and held within a therapeutic framework. Sessions are not a replacement for psychological therapy or any other mental health intervention. You are responsible for seeking the appropriate support in the event of an urgent need. For immediate care, please seek guidance from a medical and/or therapeutic professional medical attention and/or psychological support.

The purpose of subtle energy therapy sessions is to support and promote holistic well-being. It is important to note that subtle energy therapy is considered complementary and alternative medicine and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

While subtle energy therapy has shown positive effects in many cases, it is important to understand that individual results may vary. This therapy may not be suitable for everyone, and it is important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional if you have any underlying medical conditions or concerns.

It is important to inform the practitioner of any medical conditions, allergies, or medications you may be taking before participating in a subtle energy therapy session. Any changes in your health or well-being following the sessions should be discussed with your healthcare provider.

Cancellation Policy

Life can sometimes throw unexpected curveballs, and plans may need to change. If you find yourself needing to cancel or reschedule your sessions, here’s the policy – designed to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved:

ASAP Notification: If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please inform us as soon as possible. The earlier, the better! This helps to manage the schedule and offer any openings to other clients eagerly waiting for an appointment.

24 Hour Notice: We kindly request a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for any cancellation or rescheduling requests. Providing this advance notice allows helps to accommodate other clients and make adjustments accordingly. Your thoughtfulness in considering the needs of others is truly appreciated.

Late Cancellations: Of course, emergencies happen and sometimes it’s impossible to give a full day’s notice. If you need to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your session, a cancellation fee will apply. Rest assured, we’re compassionate and want to assist you in the best way possible, so please reach out to us as soon as you can in such situations. We’ll do our best to find a solution together.

No-shows: We genuinely value your time, as well as our own. If you happen to miss your scheduled session without notifying us in advance, the session fee will still apply. We deeply appreciate your understanding and ask that you please be considerate in honoring your appointments. This ensures fairness and allows us to continue providing excellent service to all of our clients.

We Apologize for Any Inconvenience: We understand that circumstances can be unpredictable, and these policies might not always align perfectly. But please know that they’re in place to help us serve everyone effectively and deliver the highest quality care. We’re always open to discussing individual circumstances, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns or questions. Communication is key, and we’re here to assist you.

Thank you for your understanding, and we genuinely look forward to serving your therapeutic needs. Your trust and support mean the world.

Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

Last Updated: 01.12.23

We take client privacy and confidentiality very seriously. We understand how important it is for you to feel safe and secure when sharing your personal information with us.

Please note that by booking a session and continuing with the therapeutic services, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this privacy and confidentiality policy.

Your comfort, trust, and privacy are integral to our commitment in providing high-quality therapeutic services. If you have any concerns or questions about our privacy and confidentiality practices, please feel free to discuss them openly at any time.

Trust and Safe Space:

– We value the importance of trust in our therapeutic relationship.

– Our commitment is to create a safe and non-judgmental space where you can openly share your thoughts and feelings.

– We assure you that your privacy will always be respected, and all information shared during sessions will be kept confidential.

Client Consent for Testimonials or Case Studies:

– If we approach you to seek your consent for using your testimonial or case study for promotional or educational purposes, we will clearly explain the intended purpose and obtain your express consent.

– Should you grant consent, we will take all necessary steps to maintain your anonymity, ensuring that no personally identifiable information is disclosed.

– This allows us to safeguard your privacy while using your valuable feedback to educate and inform others.

Obtaining your consent:

– Before using any testimonial or case study, we will clearly explain the purpose and intended use to you.

– You will have the opportunity to review and approve the content before it is shared.

– We highly respect your autonomy, and your consent will be obtained in writing or verbally, depending on your preference.

Maintaining Anonymity:

– Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

– If you grant consent for your testimonial or case study to be used, we will take all necessary steps to ensure your anonymity.

– This means that no personally identifiable information, such as your name, contact information, or specific details that may identify you, will be disclosed.

– Your identity will be completely protected.

Limitations on Use:

– We will respect any limitations you place on how your testimonial or case study can be used.

– If you have specific concerns about the content or context in which it is shared, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

– Your comfort is our priority.

It is important to note that your consent for the use of testimonials or case studies is entirely voluntary.

– Your decision will not impact the therapeutic services provided to you.

– You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time without any negative consequences.

We value your trust and respect your privacy.

– If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of testimonials or case studies, please feel free to discuss them openly with us.

– We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and ensuring the protection of your confidentiality throughout your therapeutic journey.

Data Protection:

– Any personal information you provide us with will be treated with utmost care and protection.

– This includes information provided through the booking form, client questionnaire, feedback, or any other means during your therapeutic journey.

– We utilize secure systems and follow industry-standard protocols to safeguard your data and ensure it remains private and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

Information Sharing:

– We will not disclose any details about our sessions or your personal information to anyone without your explicit consent.

– However, there may be exceptional circumstances where we are legally obligated to disclose information, such as situations involving immediate danger to yourself or others.

– In such cases, we will discuss it with you before taking any action.

– All records will be kept securely for a retention period of 12 [months], as required by state laws and professional codes of ethics.

– After this period, any data will be securely destroyed.

Secure Data Storage:

– We store your personal information securely, whether it is in physical or electronic form.

– We take appropriate measures, including encryption, firewalls, and regular software updates, to prevent unauthorized access, loss, or damage to your data.

– We may utilize third-party storage providers, such as MailPoet and Setmore, who are bound by confidentiality agreements.

– If, at any point, you would like us to delete or securely dispose of your information, kindly inform us, and we will promptly comply.

Anonymized Data:

– From time to time, we may use anonymized or aggregated data for research or statistical purposes.

– This data is stripped of any personally identifiable information to safeguard your privacy.

– When using anonymized data, we ensure that it cannot be linked back to any individual client.

– Your privacy and confidentiality remain our top priority.

Use of Anonymized Data:

– The purpose of using anonymized data is to gain insights and knowledge that can improve the effectiveness of our therapeutic services.

– It allows us to analyze trends, patterns, and outcomes to better understand energy therapies and their impact.

– This information is invaluable in enhancing our practice and providing the highest quality of care possible.

Access and Protection:

– Access to anonymized data is strictly limited to authorized personnel who require it for research or statistical purposes.

– We maintain robust security measures, including encryption, firewalls, and physical safeguards, to protect the anonymity and confidentiality of the data.

– Our staff members are trained in handling data securely and adhere to strict confidentiality agreements.

Linkage to Individual Clients:

– It is important to note that when using anonymized data, all personally identifiable information is completely removed.

– This means that the data cannot be linked back to any individual client.

– Your privacy and confidentiality are fully safeguarded in the use of anonymized data.

Your Questions and Concerns:

– If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of anonymized data, please feel free to discuss them openly with us.

– We want to ensure that you are comfortable and fully informed about our data practices.

– Your trust and peace of mind are of the utmost importance to us.

– Rest assured that we are committed to maintaining the highest level of privacy and confidentiality throughout your therapeutic journey.

– Protecting your information and upholding your trust are at the core of our privacy and confidentiality policy.

Limitations of Confidentiality:

– While our commitment is to maintain the utmost confidentiality, it is important to understand that there are exceptional circumstances where disclosure may be legally required.

– For example, we may be obligated to disclose information if there is an imminent risk of harm to yourself or others.

– Additionally, legal requirements may necessitate the disclosure of information in response to a court order or subpoena.

– We will always strive to discuss such situations with you and take necessary actions while prioritizing your well-being and complying with the specific laws that govern these circumstances.

Legal Obligations:

– We are committed to complying with all relevant laws and regulations regarding client confidentiality and data protection.

– This includes adherence to applicable professional codes of ethics and state laws on confidentiality.

– You can trust that we will always prioritize your confidentiality, unless required by law or necessary to ensure your well-being.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please feel free to discuss them with us.

Remember, our primary goal is to ensure your trust and make you feel comfortable throughout your therapeutic journey.

Your peace of mind is of utmost importance to us!

For further questions or concerns, please contact us at

Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 01.12.2023

Terms and Conditions for Energy Therapy and Yoga Classes

By booking an energy therapy session or yoga class, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.

– By booking an energy therapy session or yoga class, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions set forth below.

Eligibility and Informed Consent:
– You must be at least 18 years old to book an energy therapy session or yoga class. If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must make the booking on your behalf.
– Before booking, please consult with a qualified medical professional if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, injuries, or concerns that may be impacted by participating in energy therapies or yoga classes.
– Your attendance at any session or class implies informed consent and acknowledgement of the physical and mental demands, as well as associated risks. You agree to participate at your own risk, releasing the therapist or yoga instructor from any liability or claim.

Booking, Attendance, and Cancellation:
– Bookings:
– All bookings must be made through authorized channels such as a website, app, or directly with the therapist or yoga instructor.
– Payment details will be collected securely, and the fees will be clearly communicated at the time of booking.
– Reservation:
– Reservations for sessions or classes are subject to availability, and the therapist or yoga instructor reserves the right to refuse or reschedule an appointment.
– Cancellation:
– If you need to cancel or reschedule a session or class, please provide reasonable notice as per the policies outlined by the therapist or yoga instructor.
– Late arrivals:
– Late arrivals may result in a shortened session or class, and the therapist or yoga instructor is not obligated to extend the time or refund any portion of the fees.

Code of Conduct and Respect:
– During sessions and classes, please maintain respectful behavior towards the therapist, yoga instructor, and fellow participants.
– Harassment, discrimination, or any inappropriate conduct is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate termination of the session or class without a refund.

Intellectual Property and Confidentiality:
– All materials, content, and intellectual property provided by the therapist or yoga instructor during sessions or classes are protected by copyright and remain the sole property of the respective owner.
– Reproduction, distribution, modification, or display of copyrighted materials without prior written consent is prohibited.
– Your personal information and any disclosures made during sessions or classes will be handled with the utmost confidentiality, adhering to applicable privacy laws.

Limitation of Liability and Dispute Resolution:
– The therapist or yoga instructor shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the provision of energy therapies or yoga classes. You agree to hold the therapist or yoga instructor harmless from any claims, demands, or damages.
– These terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the UK and your country of origin. Any disputes arising from these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the UK and your country of origin.

Retention Period:
– Your personal information will be securely stored for a retention period of 12 months. After this period, it will be securely destroyed.

Contact Information:
– If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or wish to exercise your privacy rights, please contact us at


General Website Policies



Last updated: 01.12.2023

1. Introduction
Welcome to Living Wanders (“Company”, “we”, “our”, “us”)!
These Terms of Service (“Terms”, “Terms of Service”) govern your use of our website located at (together or individually “Service”) operated by Living Wanders.
Our Privacy Policy also governs your use of our Service and explains how we collect, safeguard and disclose information that results from your use of our web pages.
Your agreement with us includes these Terms and our Privacy Policy (“Agreements”). You acknowledge that you have read and understood Agreements, and agree to be bound of them.
If you do not agree with (or cannot comply with) Agreements, then you may not use the Service, but please let us know by emailing at so we can try to find a solution. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who wish to access or use Service.

2. Communications
By using our Service, you agree to subscribe to newsletters, marketing or promotional materials and other information we may send. However, you may opt out of receiving any, or all, of these communications from us by following the unsubscribe link or by emailing at

3. Purchases
If you wish to purchase any product or service made available through Service (“Purchase”), you may need to supply certain information relevant to your Purchase including but not limited to, your credit or debit card number, the expiration date of your card, your billing address, and your shipping information.
You represent and warrant that: (i) you have the legal right to use any card(s) or other payment method(s) in connection with any Purchase; and that (ii) the information you supply to us is true, correct and complete.
We may employ the use of third party services for the purpose of facilitating payment and the completion of Purchases. By submitting your information, you grant us the right to provide the information to these third parties subject to our Privacy Policy.
We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order at any time for reasons including but not limited to: product or service availability, errors in the description or price of the product or service, error in your order or other reasons.
We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order if fraud or an unauthorized or illegal transaction is suspected.

4. Contests, Sweepstakes and Promotions
Any contests, sweepstakes or other promotions (collectively, “Promotions”) made available through Service may be governed by rules that are separate from these Terms of Service. If you participate in any Promotions, please review the applicable rules as well as our Privacy Policy. If the rules for a Promotion conflict with these Terms of Service, Promotion rules will apply.

5. Subscriptions
Some parts of Service are billed on a subscription basis (“Subscription(s)”). You will be billed in advance on a recurring and periodic basis (“Billing Cycle”). Billing cycles will be set depending on the type of subscription plan you select when purchasing a Subscription.
At the end of each Billing Cycle, your Subscription will automatically renew under the exact same conditions unless you cancel it or Living Wanders cancels it. You may cancel your Subscription renewal either through your online account management page or by contacting customer support team.
A valid payment method is required to process the payment for your subscription. You shall provide Living Wanders with accurate and complete billing information that may include but not limited to full name, address, state, postal or zip code, telephone number, and a valid payment method information. By submitting such payment information, you automatically authorize Living Wanders to charge all Subscription fees incurred through your account to any such payment instruments.
Should automatic billing fail to occur for any reason, Living Wanders reserves the right to terminate your access to the Service with immediate effect.

6. Free Trial
Living Wanders may, at its sole discretion, offer a Subscription with a free trial for a limited period of time (“Free Trial”).
You may be required to enter your billing information in order to sign up for Free Trial.
If you do enter your billing information when signing up for Free Trial, you will not be charged by Living Wanders until Free Trial has expired. On the last day of Free Trial period, unless you cancelled your Subscription, you will be automatically charged the applicable Subscription fees for the type of Subscription you have selected.
At any time and without notice, Living Wanders reserves the right to (i) modify Terms of Service of Free Trial offer, or (ii) cancel such Free Trial offer.

7. Fee Changes
Living Wanders, in its sole discretion and at any time, may modify Subscription fees for the Subscriptions. Any Subscription fee change will become effective at the end of the then-current Billing Cycle.
Living Wanders will provide you with a reasonable prior notice of any change in Subscription fees to give you an opportunity to terminate your Subscription before such change becomes effective.
Your continued use of Service after Subscription fee change comes into effect constitutes your agreement to pay the modified Subscription fee amount.

8. Refunds
We issue refunds for Contracts within 0 days of the original purchase of the Contract.

9. Content
Content found on or through this Service are the property of Living Wanders or used with permission. You may not distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, download, repost, copy, or use said Content, whether in whole or in part, for commercial purposes or for personal gain, without express advance written permission from us.

10. Prohibited Uses
You may use Service only for lawful purposes and in accordance with Terms. You agree not to use Service:
– In any way that violates any applicable national or international law or regulation.
– For the purpose of exploiting, harming, or attempting to exploit or harm minors in any way by exposing them to inappropriate content or otherwise.
– To transmit, or procure the sending of, any advertising or promotional material, including any “junk mail”, “chain letter,” “spam,” or any other similar solicitation.
– To impersonate or attempt to impersonate Company, a Company employee, another user, or any other person or entity.
– In any way that infringes upon the rights of others, or in any way is illegal, threatening, fraudulent, or harmful, or in connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, or harmful purpose or activity.
– To engage in any other conduct that restricts or inhibits anyone’s use or enjoyment of Service, or which, as determined by us, may harm or offend Company or users of Service or expose them to liability.
Additionally, you agree not to:
– Use Service in any manner that could disable, overburden, damage, or impair Service or interfere with any other party’s use of Service, including their ability to engage in real time activities through Service.
– Use any robot, spider, or other automatic device, process, or means to access Service for any purpose, including monitoring or copying any of the material on Service.
– Use any manual process to monitor or copy any of the material on Service or for any other unauthorized purpose without our prior written consent.
– Use any device, software, or routine that interferes with the proper working of Service.
– Introduce any viruses, trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, or other material which is malicious or technologically harmful.
– Attempt to gain unauthorized access to, interfere with, damage, or disrupt any parts of Service, the server on which Service is stored, or any server, computer, or database connected to Service.
– Attack Service via a denial-of-service attack or a distributed denial-of-service attack.
– Take any action that may damage or falsify Company rating.
– Otherwise attempt to interfere with the proper working of Service.

11. Analytics
We may use third-party Service Providers to monitor and analyze the use of our Service.

12. No Use By Minors
Service is intended only for access and use by individuals at least eighteen (18) years old. By accessing or using Service, you warrant and represent that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age and with the full authority, right, and capacity to enter into this agreement and abide by all of the terms and conditions of Terms. If you are not at least eighteen (18) years old, you are prohibited from both the access and usage of Service.

13. Accounts
When you create an account with us, you guarantee that you are above the age of 18, and that the information you provide us is accurate, complete, and current at all times. Inaccurate, incomplete, or obsolete information may result in the immediate termination of your account on Service.
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password, including but not limited to the restriction of access to your computer and/or account. You agree to accept responsibility for any and all activities or actions that occur under your account and/or password, whether your password is with our Service or a third-party service. You must notify us immediately upon becoming aware of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account.
You may not use as a username the name of another person or entity or that is not lawfully available for use, a name or trademark that is subject to any rights of another person or entity other than you, without appropriate authorization. You may not use as a username any name that is offensive, vulgar or obscene.
We reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders in our sole discretion.

14. Intellectual Property
Service and its original content (excluding Content provided by users), features and functionality are and will remain the exclusive property of Living Wanders and its licensors. Service is protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws of and foreign countries. Our trademarks may not be used in connection with any product or service without the prior written consent of Living Wanders.

15. Copyright Policy
We respect the intellectual property rights of others. It is our policy to respond to any claim that Content posted on Service infringes on the copyright or other intellectual property rights (“Infringement”) of any person or entity.
If you are a copyright owner, or authorized on behalf of one, and you believe that the copyrighted work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please submit your claim via email to, with the subject line: “Copyright Infringement” and include in your claim a detailed description of the alleged Infringement as detailed below, under “DMCA Notice and Procedure for Copyright Infringement Claims”.
You may be held accountable for damages (including costs and attorneys’ fees) for misrepresentation or bad-faith claims on the infringement of any Content found on and/or through Service on your copyright.

16. DMCA Notice and Procedure for Copyright Infringement Claims
You may submit a notification pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by providing our Copyright Agent with the following information in writing (see 17 U.S.C 512(c)(3) for further detail):
– An electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright’s interest;
– A description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed, including the URL (i.e., web page address) of the location where the copyrighted work exists or a copy of the copyrighted work;
– Identification of the URL or other specific location on Service where the material that you claim is infringing is located;
– Your address, telephone number, and email address;
– A statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law;
– A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf.
You can contact our Copyright Agent via email at

17. Error Reporting and Feedback
You may provide us either directly at or via third party sites and tools with information and feedback concerning errors, suggestions for improvements, ideas, problems, complaints, and other matters related to our Service (“Feedback”). You acknowledge and agree that: (i) you shall not retain, acquire or assert any intellectual property right or other right, title or interest in or to the Feedback; (ii) Living Wanders may have development ideas similar to the Feedback; (iii) Feedback does not contain confidential information or proprietary information from you or any third party; and (iv) Living Wanders is not under any obligation of confidentiality with respect to the Feedback. In the event the transfer of the ownership to the Feedback is not possible due to applicable mandatory laws, you grant Living Wanders and its affiliates an exclusive, transferable, irrevocable, free-of-charge, sub-licensable, unlimited and perpetual right to use (including copy, modify, create derivative works, publish, distribute and commercialize) Feedback in any manner and for any purpose.

18. Links To Other Web Sites
Our Service may contain links to third party web sites or services that are not owned or controlled by Living Wanders.
Living Wanders has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party web sites or services. We do not warrant the offerings of any of these entities/individuals or their websites.

19. Disclaimer Of Warranty

Except as prohibited by law, you will hold Living Wanders and our officers, directors, employees, and agents harmless for any indirect, punitive, special, incidental, or consequential damage, however it arises (including attorneys’ fees and all related costs and expenses of litigation and arbitration, or at trial or on appeal, if any, whether or not litigation or arbitration is instituted), whether in an action of contract, negligence, or other tortious action, or arising out of or in connection with this agreement, including without limitation any claim for personal injury or property damage, arising from this agreement and any violation by you of any federal, state, or local laws, statutes, rules, or regulations, even if Living Wanders has been previously advised of the possibility of such damage. Except as prohibited by law, if there is liability found on the part of Living Wanders, it will be limited to the amount paid for the products and/or services, and under no circumstances will there be consequential or punitive damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of punitive, incidental or consequential damages, so the prior limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

Living Wanders may terminate or suspend your account and bar access to Service immediately, without prior notice or liability, under our sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever and without limitation, including but not limited to a breach of Terms. If you wish to terminate your account, you may simply discontinue using Service. All provisions of Terms which by their nature should survive termination shall survive termination, including, without limitation, ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity and limitations of liability.

These Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of United Kingdom, which governing law applies to agreement without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Our failure to enforce any right or provision of these Terms will not be considered a waiver of those rights. If any provision of these Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable by a court, the remaining provisions of these Terms will remain in effect. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between us regarding our Service and supersede and replace any prior agreements we might have had between us regarding Service.

We reserve the right to withdraw or amend our Service, and any service or material we provide via Service, in our sole discretion without notice. We will not be liable if for any reason all or any part of Service is unavailable at any time or for any period. From time to time, we may restrict access to some parts of Service, or the entire Service, to users, including registered users.

We may amend Terms at any time by posting the amended terms on this site. It is your responsibility to review these Terms periodically. Your continued use of the Platform following the posting of revised Terms means that you accept and agree to the changes. You are expected to check this page frequently so you are aware of any changes, as they are binding on you. By continuing to access or use our Service after any revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised terms. If you do not agree to the new terms, you are no longer authorized to use Service.

No waiver by Living Wanders of any term or condition set forth in Terms shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or condition or a waiver of any other term or condition, and any failure of Living Wanders to assert a right or provision under Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If any provision of Terms is held by a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be eliminated or limited to the minimum extent such that the remaining provisions of Terms will continue in full force and effect.

By using Service or other services provided by us, you acknowledge that you have read these Terms of Service and agree to be bound by them.

Please send your feedback, comments, requests for technical support by email:

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Cookie Policy

Effective date: 01.12.23

Welcome to the Cookie Policy for (hereinafter referred to as “the website”). This policy aims to explain how cookies and similar technologies are used on our website, the information they collect, and the choices you have regarding their use. By using the website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this policy.

What Are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) when you visit a website. They are widely used to enhance your browsing experience, remember your preferences, and provide personalized content and advertisements.

What Are Scripts?
Scripts are snippets of code that allow the website to perform certain functions and collect information. They help us analyze and improve the website’s performance, tailor it to your needs, and provide a better user experience.

What Is a Web Beacon?
Web beacons, also known as pixel tags or clear GIFs, are small transparent images embedded in a website. They allow us to track user activity, such as opening emails or visiting specific pages, and collect statistical information about website usage.

Different Types of Cookies
1. Essential Cookies: These cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. They enable core functionalities such as secure login, shopping cart support, and access to protected content. These cookies do not gather any personal information.
2. Preference Cookies: Preference cookies remember your choices and preferences during your visit to our website. They help customize your experience by remembering language preference, font size, and other site preferences.
3. Statistical Cookies: Statistical cookies help us understand how visitors interact with our website by collecting anonymous information. This data allows us to improve the website’s performance, content, and functionality.
4. Marketing Cookies: Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across websites. They are utilized to display relevant ads and offers to users based on their interests and previous website interactions.

Placed Cookies
We may place the following cookies on your device while you use our website:

– Google reCAPTCHA: These cookies are essential for the security of our website and are used to distinguish between humans and bots. They help prevent abusive or automated activities.
– YouTube: YouTube cookies are used when you watch videos embedded on our website. They gather anonymous information about your interaction with the videos for statistical purposes, including the number of views and engagement levels.
– Setmore: Setmore cookies allow us to provide online booking services on our website. These cookies help track appointments, session data, and user preferences to improve your booking experience.
– Facebook: Facebook cookies are used to provide social sharing functionality and display personalized content or advertisements. They enable integration with Facebook and allow you to interact with our website through your Facebook account.
– Twitter: Twitter cookies enable the integration of Twitter features and functionalities on our website. They allow you to share content on Twitter or follow our Twitter account directly from our website.
– WhatsApp: WhatsApp cookies facilitate the integration of WhatsApp messaging service on our website. They enable you to directly communicate with us via WhatsApp through a chat function.
– TikTok: TikTok cookies are used to embed TikTok videos on our website. These cookies collect anonymous information about your interaction with the videos for statistical purposes.
– Miscellaneous Cookies: We may also use other cookies from third-party providers to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalized content or advertisements. These cookies will be clearly outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Please note that the specific cookies placed by each of these services are subject to change and may be updated by the respective third-party providers.

By continuing to use our website, you consent to the placement of cookies on your device as described in this Cookie Policy. You can manage your cookie preferences by adjusting your browser settings or via the Cookie Settings available on our website.

Enabling/Deleting Cookies
You can enable, disable, or delete cookies through your web browser settings. The process may vary depending on the browser you use. For detailed instructions, refer to your browser’s help section. Deleting or disabling certain cookies may impact your ability to fully utilize all features and functionalities offered by our website.

Rights with Respect to Personal Data
For information on how we collect, use, and safeguard your personal data, including your rights as a data subject, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Contact Information
If you have any questions or concerns about our Cookie Policy, please contact us at

We strive to provide you with an enjoyable browsing experience while safeguarding your privacy and personal information. Thank you for choosing livingwanders.


Last updated June 16, 2022

This privacy notice for Tijen Ahmet ('Company', 'we', 'us', or 'our',), describes how and why we might collect, store, use, and/or share ('process') your information when you use our services ('Services'), such as when you:
  • Engage with us in other related ways, including any sales, marketing, or events
Questions or concerns? Reading this privacy notice will help you understand your privacy rights and choices. If you do not agree with our policies and practices, please do not use our Services. If you still have any questions or concerns, please contact us at


This summary provides key points from our privacy notice, but you can find out more details about any of these topics by clicking the link following each key point or by using our table of contents below to find the section you are looking for. You can also click here to go directly to our table of contents.

What personal information do we process? When you visit, use, or navigate our Services, we may process personal information depending on how you interact with Tijen Ahmet and the Services, the choices you make, and the products and features you use. Click here to learn more.

Do we process any sensitive personal information? We do not process sensitive personal information.

Do we receive any information from third parties? We do not receive any information from third parties.

How do we process your information? We process your information to provide, improve, and administer our Services, communicate with you, for security and fraud prevention, and to comply with law. We may also process your information for other purposes with your consent. We process your information only when we have a valid legal reason to do so. Click here to learn more.

In what situations and with which parties do we share personal information? We may share information in specific situations and with specific third parties. Click here to learn more.

How do we keep your information safe? We have organisational and technical processes and procedures in place to protect your personal information. However, no electronic transmission over the internet or information storage technology can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, so we cannot promise or guarantee that hackers, cybercriminals, or other unauthorised third parties will not be able to defeat our security and improperly collect, access, steal, or modify your information. Click here to learn more.

What are your rights? Depending on where you are located geographically, the applicable privacy law may mean you have certain rights regarding your personal information. Click here to learn more.

How do you exercise your rights? The easiest way to exercise your rights is by filling out our data subject request form available here, or by contacting us. We will consider and act upon any request in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Want to learn more about what Tijen Ahmet does with any information we collect? Click here to review the notice in full.



Personal information you disclose to us

In Short: We collect personal information that you provide to us.

We collect personal information that you voluntarily provide to us when you register on the Services, express an interest in obtaining information about us or our products and Services, when you participate in activities on the Services, or otherwise when you contact us.

Personal Information Provided by You. The personal information that we collect depends on the context of your interactions with us and the Services, the choices you make, and the products and features you use. The personal information we collect may include the following:
  • names
  • phone numbers
  • email addresses
  • mailing addresses
  • usernames
  • passwords
  • contact preferences
  • billing addresses
  • debit/credit card numbers
Sensitive Information. We do not process sensitive information.

Payment Data. We may collect data necessary to process your payment if you make purchases, such as your payment instrument number (such as a credit card number), and the security code associated with your payment instrument. All payment data is stored by Stripe. You may find their privacy notice link(s) here:

All personal information that you provide to us must be true, complete, and accurate, and you must notify us of any changes to such personal information.

Information automatically collected

In Short: Some information — such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address and/or browser and device characteristics — is collected automatically when you visit our Services.

We automatically collect certain information when you visit, use, or navigate the Services. This information does not reveal your specific identity (like your name or contact information) but may include device and usage information, such as your IP address, browser and device characteristics, operating system, language preferences, referring URLs, device name, country, location, information about how and when you use our Services, and other technical information. This information is primarily needed to maintain the security and operation of our Services, and for our internal analytics and reporting purposes.

The information we collect includes:
  • Log and Usage Data. Log and usage data is service-related, diagnostic, usage, and performance information our servers automatically collect when you access or use our Services and which we record in log files. Depending on how you interact with us, this log data may include your IP address, device information, browser type, and settings and information about your activity in the Services (such as the date/time stamps associated with your usage, pages and files viewed, searches, and other actions you take such as which features you use), device event information (such as system activity, error reports (sometimes called 'crash dumps'), and hardware settings).

In Short: We process your information to provide, improve, and administer our Services, communicate with you, for security and fraud prevention, and to comply with law. We may also process your information for other purposes with your consent.

We process your personal information for a variety of reasons, depending on how you interact with our Services, including:
  • To facilitate account creation and authentication and otherwise manage user accounts. We may process your information so you can create and log in to your account, as well as keep your account in working order.
  • To deliver and facilitate delivery of services to the user. We may process your information to provide you with the requested service.
  • To respond to user inquiries/offer support to users. We may process your information to respond to your inquiries and solve any potential issues you might have with the requested service.
  • To send administrative information to you. We may process your information to send you details about our products and services, changes to our terms and policies, and other similar information.
  • To fulfil and manage your orders. We may process your information to fulfil and manage your orders, payments, returns, and exchanges made through the Services.

  • To enable user-to-user communications. We may process your information if you choose to use any of our offerings that allow for communication with another user.

  • To save or protect an individual's vital interest. We may process your information when necessary to save or protect an individual’s vital interest, such as to prevent harm.


In Short: We only process your personal information when we believe it is necessary and we have a valid legal reason (i.e. legal basis) to do so under applicable law, like with your consent, to comply with laws, to provide you with services to enter into or fulfil our contractual obligations, to protect your rights, or to fulfil our legitimate business interests.

If you are located in the EU or UK, this section applies to you.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and UK GDPR require us to explain the valid legal bases we rely on in order to process your personal information. As such, we may rely on the following legal bases to process your personal information:
  • Consent. We may process your information if you have given us permission (i.e. consent) to use your personal information for a specific purpose. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Click here to learn more.
  • Performance of a Contract. We may process your personal information when we believe it is necessary to fulfil our contractual obligations to you, including providing our Services or at your request prior to entering into a contract with you.
  • Legal Obligations. We may process your information where we believe it is necessary for compliance with our legal obligations, such as to cooperate with a law enforcement body or regulatory agency, exercise or defend our legal rights, or disclose your information as evidence in litigation in which we are involved.
  • Vital Interests. We may process your information where we believe it is necessary to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of a third party, such as situations involving potential threats to the safety of any person.

If you are located in Canada, this section applies to you.

We may process your information if you have given us specific permission (i.e. express consent) to use your personal information for a specific purpose, or in situations where your permission can be inferred (i.e. implied consent). You can withdraw your consent at any time. Click here to learn more.

In some exceptional cases, we may be legally permitted under applicable law to process your information without your consent, including, for example:
  • If collection is clearly in the interests of an individual and consent cannot be obtained in a timely way
  • For investigations and fraud detection and prevention
  • For business transactions provided certain conditions are met
  • If it is contained in a witness statement and the collection is necessary to assess, process, or settle an insurance claim
  • For identifying injured, ill, or deceased persons and communicating with next of kin
  • If we have reasonable grounds to believe an individual has been, is, or may be victim of financial abuse
  • If it is reasonable to expect collection and use with consent would compromise the availability or the accuracy of the information and the collection is reasonable for purposes related to investigating a breach of an agreement or a contravention of the laws of Canada or a province
  • If disclosure is required to comply with a subpoena, warrant, court order, or rules of the court relating to the production of records
  • If it was produced by an individual in the course of their employment, business, or profession and the collection is consistent with the purposes for which the information was produced
  • If the collection is solely for journalistic, artistic, or literary purposes
  • If the information is publicly available and is specified by the regulations


In Short: We may share information in specific situations described in this section and/or with the following third parties.

We may need to share your personal information in the following situations:
  • Business Transfers. We may share or transfer your information in connection with, or during negotiations of, any merger, sale of company assets, financing, or acquisition of all or a portion of our business to another company.
  • Other Users. When you share personal information (for example, by posting comments, contributions, or other content to the Services) or otherwise interact with public areas of the Services, such personal information may be viewed by all users and may be publicly made available outside the Services in perpetuity. Similarly, other users will be able to view descriptions of your activity, communicate with you within our Services, and view your profile.


In Short: We keep your information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this privacy notice unless otherwise required by law.

We will only keep your personal information for as long as it is necessary for the purposes set out in this privacy notice, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law (such as tax, accounting, or other legal requirements). No purpose in this notice will require us keeping your personal information for longer than the period of time in which users have an account with us.

When we have no ongoing legitimate business need to process your personal information, we will either delete or anonymise such information, or, if this is not possible (for example, because your personal information has been stored in backup archives), then we will securely store your personal information and isolate it from any further processing until deletion is possible.


In Short: We aim to protect your personal information through a system of organisational and technical security measures.

We have implemented appropriate and reasonable technical and organisational security measures designed to protect the security of any personal information we process. However, despite our safeguards and efforts to secure your information, no electronic transmission over the Internet or information storage technology can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, so we cannot promise or guarantee that hackers, cybercriminals, or other unauthorised third parties will not be able to defeat our security and improperly collect, access, steal, or modify your information. Although we will do our best to protect your personal information, transmission of personal information to and from our Services is at your own risk. You should only access the Services within a secure environment.


In Short: We do not knowingly collect data from or market to children under 18 years of age.

We do not knowingly solicit data from or market to children under 18 years of age. By using the Services, you represent that you are at least 18 or that you are the parent or guardian of such a minor and consent to such minor dependent’s use of the Services. If we learn that personal information from users less than 18 years of age has been collected, we will deactivate the account and take reasonable measures to promptly delete such data from our records. If you become aware of any data we may have collected from children under age 18, please contact us at


In Short: In some regions, such as the European Economic Area (EEA), United Kingdom (UK), and Canada, you have rights that allow you greater access to and control over your personal information. You may review, change, or terminate your account at any time.

In some regions (like the EEA, UK, and Canada), you have certain rights under applicable data protection laws. These may include the right (i) to request access and obtain a copy of your personal information, (ii) to request rectification or erasure; (iii) to restrict the processing of your personal information; and (iv) if applicable, to data portability. In certain circumstances, you may also have the right to object to the processing of your personal information. You can make such a request by contacting us by using the contact details provided in the section 'HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US ABOUT THIS NOTICE?' below.

We will consider and act upon any request in accordance with applicable data protection laws.
If you are located in the EEA or UK and you believe we are unlawfully processing your personal information, you also have the right to complain to your local data protection supervisory authority. You can find their contact details here:

If you are located in Switzerland, the contact details for the data protection authorities are available here:

Withdrawing your consent: If we are relying on your consent to process your personal information, which may be express and/or implied consent depending on the applicable law, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us by using the contact details provided in the section 'HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US ABOUT THIS NOTICE?' below or updating your preferences.

However, please note that this will not affect the lawfulness of the processing before its withdrawal, nor when applicable law allows, will it affect the processing of your personal information conducted in reliance on lawful processing grounds other than consent.

Opting out of marketing and promotional communications: You can unsubscribe from our marketing and promotional communications at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the emails that we send, or by contacting us using the details provided in the section 'HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US ABOUT THIS NOTICE?' below. You will then be removed from the marketing lists. However, we may still communicate with you — for example, to send you service-related messages that are necessary for the administration and use of your account, to respond to service requests, or for other non-marketing purposes.

Account Information

If you would at any time like to review or change the information in your account or terminate your account, you can:
  • Contact us using the contact information provided.
  • Log in to your account settings and update your user account.
Upon your request to terminate your account, we will deactivate or delete your account and information from our active databases. However, we may retain some information in our files to prevent fraud, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigations, enforce our legal terms and/or comply with applicable legal requirements.

If you have questions or comments about your privacy rights, you may email us at


Most web browsers and some mobile operating systems and mobile applications include a Do-Not-Track ('DNT') feature or setting you can activate to signal your privacy preference not to have data about your online browsing activities monitored and collected. At this stage no uniform technology standard for recognising and implementing DNT signals has been finalised. As such, we do not currently respond to DNT browser signals or any other mechanism that automatically communicates your choice not to be tracked online. If a standard for online tracking is adopted that we must follow in the future, we will inform you about that practice in a revised version of this privacy notice.


In Short: Yes, if you are a resident of California, you are granted specific rights regarding access to your personal information.

California Civil Code Section 1798.83, also known as the 'Shine The Light' law, permits our users who are California residents to request and obtain from us, once a year and free of charge, information about categories of personal information (if any) we disclosed to third parties for direct marketing purposes and the names and addresses of all third parties with which we shared personal information in the immediately preceding calendar year. If you are a California resident and would like to make such a request, please submit your request in writing to us using the contact information provided below.

If you are under 18 years of age, reside in California, and have a registered account with Services, you have the right to request removal of unwanted data that you publicly post on the Services. To request removal of such data, please contact us using the contact information provided below and include the email address associated with your account and a statement that you reside in California. We will make sure the data is not publicly displayed on the Services, but please be aware that the data may not be completely or comprehensively removed from all our systems (e.g. backups, etc.).

CCPA Privacy Notice

The California Code of Regulations defines a 'resident' as:

(1) every individual who is in the State of California for other than a temporary or transitory purpose and
(2) every individual who is domiciled in the State of California who is outside the State of California for a temporary or transitory purpose

All other individuals are defined as 'non-residents'.

If this definition of 'resident' applies to you, we must adhere to certain rights and obligations regarding your personal information.

What categories of personal information do we collect?

We have collected the following categories of personal information in the past twelve (12) months:

A. Identifiers
Contact details, such as real name, alias, postal address, telephone or mobile contact number, unique personal identifier, online identifier, Internet Protocol address, email address, and account name


B. Personal information categories listed in the California Customer Records statute
Name, contact information, education, employment, employment history, and financial information


C. Protected classification characteristics under California or federal law
Gender and date of birth


D. Commercial information
Transaction information, purchase history, financial details, and payment information


E. Biometric information
Fingerprints and voiceprints


F. Internet or other similar network activity
Browsing history, search history, online behaviour, interest data, and interactions with our and other websites, applications, systems, and advertisements


G. Geolocation data
Device location


H. Audio, electronic, visual, thermal, olfactory, or similar information
Images and audio, video or call recordings created in connection with our business activities


I. Professional or employment-related information
Business contact details in order to provide you our services at a business level or job title, work history, and professional qualifications if you apply for a job with us


J. Education Information
Student records and directory information


K. Inferences drawn from other personal information
Inferences drawn from any of the collected personal information listed above to create a profile or summary about, for example, an individual’s preferences and characteristics


We may also collect other personal information outside of these categories instances where you interact with us in person, online, or by phone or mail in the context of:
  • Receiving help through our customer support channels;
  • Participation in customer surveys or contests; and
  • Facilitation in the delivery of our Services and to respond to your inquiries.
How do we use and share your personal information?

More information about our data collection and sharing practices can be found in this privacy notice.

You may contact us by email at, by visiting, or by referring to the contact details at the bottom of this document.

If you are using an authorised agent to exercise your right to opt out we may deny a request if the authorised agent does not submit proof that they have been validly authorised to act on your behalf.

Will your information be shared with anyone else?

We may disclose your personal information with our service providers pursuant to a written contract between us and each service provider. Each service provider is a for-profit entity that processes the information on our behalf.

We may use your personal information for our own business purposes, such as for undertaking internal research for technological development and demonstration. This is not considered to be 'selling' of your personal information.

Tijen Ahmet has not disclosed or sold any personal information to third parties for a business or commercial purpose in the preceding twelve (12) months. Tijen Ahmet will not sell personal information in the future belonging to website visitors, users, and other consumers.

Your rights with respect to your personal data

Right to request deletion of the data — Request to delete

You can ask for the deletion of your personal information. If you ask us to delete your personal information, we will respect your request and delete your personal information, subject to certain exceptions provided by law, such as (but not limited to) the exercise by another consumer of his or her right to free speech, our compliance requirements resulting from a legal obligation, or any processing that may be required to protect against illegal activities.

Right to be informed — Request to know

Depending on the circumstances, you have a right to know:
  • whether we collect and use your personal information;
  • the categories of personal information that we collect;
  • the purposes for which the collected personal information is used;
  • whether we sell your personal information to third parties;
  • the categories of personal information that we sold or disclosed for a business purpose;
  • the categories of third parties to whom the personal information was sold or disclosed for a business purpose; and
  • the business or commercial purpose for collecting or selling personal information.
In accordance with applicable law, we are not obligated to provide or delete consumer information that is de-identified in response to a consumer request or to re-identify individual data to verify a consumer request.

Right to Non-Discrimination for the Exercise of a Consumer’s Privacy Rights

We will not discriminate against you if you exercise your privacy rights.

Verification process

Upon receiving your request, we will need to verify your identity to determine you are the same person about whom we have the information in our system. These verification efforts require us to ask you to provide information so that we can match it with information you have previously provided us. For instance, depending on the type of request you submit, we may ask you to provide certain information so that we can match the information you provide with the information we already have on file, or we may contact you through a communication method (e.g. phone or email) that you have previously provided to us. We may also use other verification methods as the circumstances dictate.

We will only use personal information provided in your request to verify your identity or authority to make the request. To the extent possible, we will avoid requesting additional information from you for the purposes of verification. However, if we cannot verify your identity from the information already maintained by us, we may request that you provide additional information for the purposes of verifying your identity and for security or fraud-prevention purposes. We will delete such additionally provided information as soon as we finish verifying you.

Other privacy rights
  • You may object to the processing of your personal information.
  • You may request correction of your personal data if it is incorrect or no longer relevant, or ask to restrict the processing of the information.
  • You can designate an authorised agent to make a request under the CCPA on your behalf. We may deny a request from an authorised agent that does not submit proof that they have been validly authorised to act on your behalf in accordance with the CCPA.
  • You may request to opt out from future selling of your personal information to third parties. Upon receiving an opt-out request, we will act upon the request as soon as feasibly possible, but no later than fifteen (15) days from the date of the request submission.
To exercise these rights, you can contact us by email at, by visiting, or by referring to the contact details at the bottom of this document. If you have a complaint about how we handle your data, we would like to hear from you.


In Short: Yes, we will update this notice as necessary to stay compliant with relevant laws.

We may update this privacy notice from time to time. The updated version will be indicated by an updated 'Revised' date and the updated version will be effective as soon as it is accessible. If we make material changes to this privacy notice, we may notify you either by prominently posting a notice of such changes or by directly sending you a notification. We encourage you to review this privacy notice frequently to be informed of how we are protecting your information.


If you have questions or comments about this notice, you may email us at or by post to:

Tijen Ahmet
n/a, b/a n/a
United Kingdom


Based on the applicable laws of your country, you may have the right to request access to the personal information we collect from you, change that information, or delete it. To request to review, update, or delete your personal information, please submit a request form by clicking here.
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