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the power of Ancient Wisdom

“When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.”


African Proverb

meet your true self

healing is in your own hands

Your True Self is your healthiest Self.

Free, empowered, inspired, peaceful, joyful, aligned and connected.

The best version of you is true to who you are and knows you matter. Your well-being matters. Your healing matters. Your joy matters.

Because the best version of you is deeply rooted, centered and grounded giving and receiving love freely. Despite your circumstances, trauma or relationships and without limits or depletion.

Your best self is not just for you.

It’s a gift for everyone and everything around you.

The Holistic Journey is a one stop shop membership designed to guide you to inner harmony with your mind, heart, body and soul so you can be free to be you, exactly as you are.

And no part of you is left behind to get there. 

This is holistic healing.

the holistic journey

an online members community to support your growth, healing and authentic connection to yourself and others

living in purpose

“Your work is to discover the world and then with all your heart, give yourself to it.”


within us all

meet tijen

living in love, truth & freedom

An Earth honoring mystic, solo traveller and visionary of new earth, Tijen lives rooted in the memory of the wholeness and magic that exists within us and every life form on this beautiful planet.

Initiated by life, her wisdom is gathered from two decades of walking the path of awakening and self mastery. Along with fourteen years of working professionally in varied public service roles, Tijen is highly skilled in providing secure spaces to facilitate your growth, healing and radical self empowerment.

Tijen is an experienced multi-skilled practitioner with an extensive background in yoga practice & training, psychosocial studies, youth justice & development, community care, mental health education and spiritual healing. In each of her current roles as a yoga teacher, holistic healer & intuitive guide, Tijen honours the code of guiding from a place of her authentic truth, embodiment and integrity.


Motivated by a sacred fire and devoted spirit, Tijen is passionate about supporting your individual journey and co-creating beneficial and truly lasting impact for future generations to come.

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