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My name is Tijen and I've been privately practicing ceremonial medicine consistently for about 8 years now.

Creating rituals inspired by and honouring the guidelines of various pagan and indigenous traditions around the world.

The art of ceremony is an intuitively self led and creative process that anyone can do. I'll be sharing ways you can discover this for yourself.

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Picture of Tijen Ahmet

Tijen Ahmet

Tijen is an experienced multi-skilled practitioner since 2007. She is a Highly Sensitive seer + intuitive, medicine woman, earth whisperer & explorer of mixed healing arts. She has a background in Psychosocial Studies, Mental Health Education, Youth & Family Support and Community Care.

Tijen is the founder and creator of Living Wanders Wellness and Eternal Medicines Apothecary. She currently practices as a Licensed Energy Healer & Flower Essence Therapist, Yoga teacher with over 550hrs of training, Intuitive Guide, Educator & Earth Ceremonialist.

When not creating and holding space for others, Tijen can be found wandering around the world solo, making potions, hugging trees, dancing salsa and loving on those she cares about. With a compassionate heart, Tijen facilitates her sessions with a unique blend of empathy, humour, and wisdom.

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