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the magical musing space

Where all things of earth and sky meet.

Living Wanders was born from the vision to reinvent a true sense of kinship in modern society. Connection is crucial to the healthy functioning of the human ecosystem. And yet, we long for it now more than ever.
The gifts of travel, nature and ceremony help us connect to a family larger than our own. These activities hold space for equal parts diversity, sovereignty and cohesion. Central themes for Living Wanders. The intention here is threefold. Prompt dialogue, raise awareness and cultivate connection through honest and heartfelt expression. Through honouring where we are and where we come from, together we create a new and brighter future. 
Here you’ll find the manifesto, free resources and journal posts. Keep what resonates, discard what doesn’t and always listen to your own inner knowing. Take a look around and enjoy.

The Vision

A bold and loving community of explorers and visionaries.
Authentic, heart-centered, aware and accountable. Able to hold the bold vision of a way of life that serves the values of truth, love and freedom.
Connected by the desire to explore, create and align with the source of life that lives within us all.
We honour ancient & ancestral wisdom, universal intelligence and our own unique blueprint. We carry a deep respect for Earth, humanity and organic life in all we do.
We are a community of interconnected sovereign individuals. With the courage and willingness to pave the way for a different type of world. Where love, truth, harmony and freedom exists for all.

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the mysticism of wandering

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” ​

Leonardo Da Vinci



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