The Freedom of a Sovereign Heart

The following post is the expanded version of a lengthy response I wrote in a group chat. I decided to share it as my first blog post due to its transparency and accurate depiction of who I am, where I’m coming from and what I believe true change entails. If you feel inspired, leave a comment and share what this post brought up for you.

Language Loops

Honestly, it’s tiring. It’s tiring to constantly have realities denied. Like when people deny racism. Or when people deny ethnic cleansing in Palestine. Or when people think Big Pharma genuinely care about their health without an agenda. It’s the same denial of child sex trafficking. It’s the same energetic exchange. It’s the same force behind all of it. Call it fear, call it annunaki, call it separation, call it white supremacy or zionism or false light or what ever else – it’s the same force.

Regardless of whether you label these phenomena as “real”, our ability to perceive determines our experience. Is it ever fair to say that something is not “real”? Or is that just a denial of someones reality? I will explore this one another time.

It is easy to speak with confidence when you understand the definition and expression of true power. And I don’t mean the kind of “power” that has reigned over this planet for centuries that derives itself from tyranny and manipulation. In any historical or mythological context of tyranny (Trojan Horse anyone?) those with the seeming “power” actually RELY on those they govern to survive. They need you. Is this true power? Or is true power self-generating and self-sustaining?

System Update

Those of us with our first eyes TRULY OPEN beyond the false love-light paradigm (which has been infiltrated to completely avoid any and all aspects of corruption) have studied, lived and worked inside these systems of corruption. We know how they function, how they siphon and rely on our ATTENTION and energy to thrive. It is a consumptive machine that feeds.

Not unlike a narcissistic energy vampire. Who convinces the Empath they are powerless in order to manipulate them out of their free will and feed on their energy. The Empath, however, is far from weak. They are actually extremely powerful – so much so, they have the potential to generate enough sustainable energy for themselves and those around them without ever feeling depleted – they just don’t know it. They don’t know it’s possible or how, so they accept the reflection the narcissist presents to them – that they are feeble and need the narcissist to survive. Which is a completely inverted truth! This is how they get siphoned. This is how consent is extracted. And this is how the machine is mirrored in our relationships. It’s. The. Same. Energy.

As within, so without. So yes, while WITNESSING corruption is important and brave work, without an adequate understanding of power dynamics, energy exchange and self accountability, we run the risk of being at its mercy. As such, the reflection of the consumptive beast will continue to rear its head on our planet and in our personal lives until we choose to truly reclaim our Sovereignty. Fully. Not everyone will choose that for themselves. This has to be OK. We cannot be sidetracked by that. As much as it gets frustrating and I want to scream from the rooftops at times, I come back to my Heart because Love is the Truth.

Above all else. LOVE IS THE TRUTH.

And truth is power. It is a conscious decision that puts you in the drivers seat. It takes courage and initially, bucket loads of discomfort. Often. It takes facing ourselves over and over again in full transparency of the ways in which we allow fear, apathy and over stimulation to run our lives. But the rewards are far beyond what our logical mind can grasp. Choosing to be self accountable and claiming full dominion over your being, affects the entire multiverse. It’s not an isolated decision. Because you are not an isolated being. You are connected to everything.

Sovereign Declaration

And so I choose. I choose to exercise the power of my free will. To have boundaries and withdraw my energy from anything external – ‘good’ AND ‘bad’ – that tries to distract me from my centre point. And I will have compassion for myself when I can’t. As a highly sensitive extra sensory being, I embrace my humanity AND my divinity fully, without apology. Above all, I will not allow any of it – including ignorant/dissonant brothers and sisters – to distract me from my heart, my breath, and my mission.

Will you join me?

I love you all. Let us keep loving on ourselves and caring for ourselves the best we possibly can right NOW, exactly as we are, in our perfect imperfection. Let us party and hug and dance it out. Let us mooove our bodies and remember that our ancestors NEVER STOPPED CELEBRATING AND APPRECIATING LIFE. They understood the power of joy. They understood that pleasure is sacred. And for good reason… THIS IS THE REAL REVOLUTION.

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